Review on our JTBD Summit Europe events

1st JTBD Summit Europe 2019

The first JTBD Summit Europe in 2019 took place in a historical building, which is called the Apothekertrakt. This building is part of the castle of “Schönbrunn” in Vienna. For the first time the famous Blue Danube Waltz, opened the event. Attendees directed their innovation challenges to Anthony W. Ulwick, the founder of and mastermind behind Strategyn. On the second day we moved to Ares Tower in the vibrant Donau City, where the program was a diverse mixture of input on latest developments of JTBD & ODI theory from Anthony W.


2nd JTBD Summit Europe 2021

The second JTBD Summit Europe 2021 opened like last year with the Blue Danube Waltz and was one hundred percent virtual, but as interactive and real as it gets. MIRO, an interactive whiteboard, that depicted the whole event, enabled participants to contribute and ask specific questions. In this board the participants started a lively discussion and the moderator team used this discussion to speak with the Speakers about selected questions. 2021 we welcomed speakers from different companies, reflecting the broad range of industries that have successfully implemented JTBD & ODI: AIB Bank, Semicon & Marcom, Roche Diabetes Care, SMC Austria, Tetra Pak and UNIQA.


3rd JTBD Summit Europe 2022

We are looking forward on the 3rd JTBD Summit Europe in Vienna at March 30-31, 2022. More informations are coming soon. Save the date!

Thanks for the great event. Very well organized, really useful and truly enjoyable!
Jan Tatousek (Philips Research)

It was beneficial for me and my team to have different insights from people having used the JTBD / ODI methodology.
Sebastien Nalin (Worthington Industries)

Personally, I found the opportunity to listen and absorb the insight of others very inspiring and it reminded me that occasionally taking time out of the daily schedule can be quite refreshing.
Chris Gibson (Fisherman's Friend)

What is quite unique: the first steps of the ODI/JTBD method deliver an excellent basis for broader customer interviews, e.g. in remote & fragmented markets. The results are then analyzed by a clever segmentation method that indicate very likely business opportunities.
Paul Dietl (SKF Austria)

I really appreciated being part of the 1st JTBD SUMMIT.
Marcus Kohlbeck (SMC Pneumatik)

Congratulations for this very successful event. I'm very convinced of the ODI method and a happy client of Edizon. The program was tight but very interesting. I was able to make many new contacts and I was very positively impressed by the open and interested mindset of all participants.
Andreas Bachmaier (W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos)

I could feel so much positive energy at this Summit and it was a feeling as „we can really change the world here“. This energy could be felt in any of the many talks that I had with the whole team from Edizon.
Edizon should be proud to be such a team of people with so much energy and positive mood. That is not what you can get in every company.
Manfred Handl (Liebherr-Transportation Systems)

So far, I have not experienced an innovation conference where so many representatives from different industries have expressed their conviction that the philosophy and practice presented on stage actually works in practice. The glow in the speakers' eyes was palpable and catching.
Dominik Bayerl (Wieland-Werke)

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