Edizon - Partner of Strategyn

We uncover what your customers really want
& create growth strategies

We uncover true customer needs, quantify potential for value creation and create growth and innovation strategies that deliver predictable success. 


You can find more events about JTBD in our JTBD Institute Europe.


We have an exceptional two-decade track record helping companies reinvent underperforming products, successfully discover and enter new markets, and build and implement companywide innovation programs.

Our patented innovation process, Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) puts the popular Jobs-to-be-Done innovation theory into practice. With ODI we’ve invented a customer-centric, data-driven innovation process with a success rate of 86%.


Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) is effective because it:

  • Focuses on the “job-to-be-done”
  • Reveals “needs” at a granular Level
  • Is grounded in statistically valid data
  • Results in a predictive data model that informs growth decisions.




More information about Edizon: www.edizon-innovation.com

Edizon Innovation GmbH


Franz-Kollmann-Strasse 4
3300 Amstetten

T +43 5 01430 30
E-Mail: info@edizon-innovation.com


Office in Vienna and Graz

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