The JTBD SUMMIT highlights current challenges of Innovators. Typical questions are: “How can I find untapped market potential?”, “What should a next gen product do to win in the market?” or “How can I guide investments into digitalization so that it will generate expected results?” We have summarized them in five topics.

01 job-based business vision and innovation strategy

People hire products and services to get a job done. Products and services naturally evolve to get more aspects of the whole job done on a single platform.


For example, people used gramophones and later cassette players to listen to music. With today’s streaming services, people are still able to listen to music, but they are also able to store, sort and share music, create playlists and discover new songs based on selected preferences, all on a single platform. These needs already existed before – but people used workarounds, cobbled different products together or simply were not able to fulfil these needs.


Having an idea of how the Job-to-be-Done of your customers could evolve in the future enables you to define an inspiring purpose and business vision. Helping customers to get jobs done guides the long-term innovation strategy, business models, required competencies and business processes.

01 job-based product and service strategy that informs the development of winning solutions

In this section we will focus on the core function of Outcome-Driven Innovation®: to understand how customers measure success, to uncover unmet customer needs and to build winning product and service strategies upon these insights.


The Summit will highlight how to uncover a comprehensive needs model that starts with a core job and desired outcomes of your customers. Measuring each of the needs according their relevance and satisfaction scores guides the discovery of market segments according to different needs patterns. We will share examples on winning product and service strategies that have emerged out of JTBD insights.

01 job-based market strategy for selecting adjacent and new markets to enter

Companies often define the markets they serve around the technology in their product offerings or the products themselves. This viewpoint radically limits innovation and expansion space. A market is the target of everything a company does. It therefore should not be defined around something that is so unstable that it is only valid until the next product iteration.


It should be defined around something that is stable for decades – a Job-to-be-Done. Innovators are able to identify adjacent or even completely new markets, just by looking at different jobs-to-be-done or different groups of people. In the Summit we will share different examples on how a Jobs-to-be-Done perspective helped to uncover and select new growth markets.

01 bringing successful new products to market quickly by reprioritizing your development pipeline

Most companies have plenty of ideas and projects in the pipeline, but lack Knowledge about which ones are worth to pursuing and in what order.


Based on JTBD thinking, we present a system to identify the most valuable development projects from the customer’s perspective and reprioritize your development pipeline from short-term projects to long-term strategic initiatives.

01 increasing short-term sales via effective job-based messaging

Knowing the real unmet needs of your customers is the key to effective messaging. Outcome-Driven Innovation® enables marketing and sales managers to refine their market communication by focusing on the topics that will be perceived with high interest by a target group. Simply because they refer to customer needs that are important but have not been served properly so far.


The Outcome-Driven Innovation® Process incorporates qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies to identify underserved needs and create a marketing message that works. Sales representatives can use the same information to help customers and prospects to select the best solutions.


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