The JTBD SUMMIT highlights current challenges of Innovators. Typical questions are: “How can I find untapped market potential?”, “What should a next gen product do to win in the market?” or “How can I guide investments into digitalization so that it will generate expected results?” We have summarized them in six topics.

01 Discover Opportunities and Growth Strategies

How to discover opportunities for value creation in the market. How to position and improve your existing products. What new offers are needed to fill the gaps in your product/service portfolio. Which long-term strategy should be pursued to create value offers that will resonate with your customers.

01 Foster New Business Development and Disruption

How customer needs define new markets and drive new business development and disruption. How trends (sustainable development goals SDG’s, urbanization, etc.) and new technologies (digitalization, artificial intelligence, etc.) are guided towards value creation based on true customer needs.

01 Uncover Ecosystems for Value Creation

How to uncover ecosystems based on the jobs-to-be-done. How ecosystems are shaped towards value creation based on true customer needs. How to address different customers (job executors) with a single solution platform.

01 Accelerate Needs-Driven Ideation

How to generate ideas and concepts focused on unmet customer needs and market opportunities based on a needs data-model.
How to evaluate ideas and concepts to fulfil relevant opportunities and address the entire job-to-be-done.

01 Shape the Customer Journey in a Digital World

How to understand the jobs-to-be-done throughout the customer journey. How to create digital solutions to support customer journeys. How to align traditional and digital tools to accelerate sales guided by true customer needs.

01 Become a Customer-Centric Organization

How to create a culture of innovation, focus employees on what matters most to customers, transform innovation into a measurable & predictable process, and finally, how to implement and become a customer-centric organization.


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